Teatro Colón

Bueno, I’ve been meaning to write about the Teatro Colón for a long time and haven’t really had the opportunity yet! The front of the theater is right along Ave. 9 de Julio; if you end up doing any sight-seeing in Buenos Aires it would be really hard to miss this place! I was fortunate enough to go on a tour of the marvelous theater with my classmates and I also see an opera there!

Balconies of Teatro Colón!
Balconies of Teatro Colón

Teatro Colón boasts some of the most astounding acoustics in the world. Literally anywhere you sit in the whole theater you can hear everything perfectly, even if you are way up high and can only see half the stage (like from where I stood for Otello). For that matter, they sell tickets for “the hen house,” or the gallinero, where you can’t even see the stage at all—you can only hear! The tickets that I had for the opera were standing-room only, which I had thought would be horrible but it was only three hours long and there were benches we could sit on during the intermission.

Don’t ask me what I thought about Otello, because I had no idea what the story was until I wikipedia’d it during intermission. (Yes, I know, it’s embarrassing… whatever.) And another thing: the opera was sung in Italian and they had a large screen that projected the translation into español. So if you’re fluent in Spanish you can follow along.

The entryway (and this is only one part of it, upstairs)
The entryway (and this is only one part of it, upstairs)

Despite that, I had the most amazing time at my first opera!! I arrived early enough to do some good people watching and sit in the café below the theater. All the lovely older ladies were dressed in gowns and wore their finest fur coats to bear the winter cold.  The whole time I was there for the show, I felt as though I were momentarily transported back to the early 20th century when dressing up and going to the opera was the super-posh thing to do. I also kind of felt like I should have been in a sparkly blue dress, and that my name should have been Anastasia, and that I was going to be reunited with my grandmother.

So if you’re interested, good seats in the theater will sell out weeks in advance, but if you’re not into the whole opera/ballet thing you can take a guided tour instead. This is definitely a must-see if you visit Buenos Aires!


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