Colonia del Sacramento

Today we took a ferry to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay! (Yay 11th country I’ve ever been to!) For most of the day we wandered around the historical district, and seriously, it was absolutely the loveliest afternoon yet of this entire trip! There was plenty of sunshine and the temperature was in the 60s! (˚F, obviously.) We really lucked out with the weather today.

Visiting Colonia del Sacramento is on the Top 10 list of “Things to do in Buenos Aires,” and it isn’t even in Argentina—you KNOW this place is good!

Cobblestone calle in Colonia
A cobblestone street in the historic district.

We took the fast ferry, only ~1 hour from Buenos Aires to Colonia. This small city is on a peninsula along the Río de la Plata (Plate River/River Plate in English). By 10 am we were off roaming the gorgeous cobblestone streets and soaking in the sights of the old historic district. Apparently, it is very posh if you are a wealthy Argentinean to have a weekend home here.

And another adorable calle

There were many shops with antiques, unique and fun art, and also normal tourist trinkets. Cafés and restaurants had tables available out in the streets so you could enjoy the sunshine while eating lunch! Food is a bit pricey but pretty worth it. All stores/restaurants here take Uruguayan pesos, Argentinean pesos, US dollars, and I think even Euros. Convenient!

Courtyard cafés with patio tables and a view of the river.
Courtyard cafés with patio tables and a view of the river.

Mostly we just spent our day wandering around by the waterfront in the historic district, but if we had more time we probably would have done more exploring around in the museums and such. We only had about 2-3 hours after lunch so there wasn’t too much time for wandering about.

Just admiring the wonderful scenery!

And the river was kind of cool too. If you looked straight out to the horizon  you would see Buenos Aires, but the river is too wide! The widest in the world, actually. Around 140 mi wide at the widest point.

View of the River Plate from Colonia.
View of the River Plate and Uruguay from Colonia.

Colonia was wonderful, and I wish I could have spent more time here! If you ever travel to Buenos Aires this is a must-see place, even if it is in Uruguay. Just remember to bring your passport with you! (And if you’re from the US or Australia your Provincia Pagos confirmation is necessary to get back into the country… we learned this the hard way, yikes…)


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