American Night @ Scott Base!

Last night was “American Night” over at New Zealand’s Scott Base which is just over the hill. It’s the one night a week that they open up their “bar” to us. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the bar, but here are a few of the base:

Welcome to Scott Base!
Welcome to Scott Base!
Cute green buildings
Cute green buildings!









I walked there, which was probably a bad idea because it was cold and I wasn’t wearing big red, but I made it without frost bite! We got there pretty late, so there was only time for one NZ beer before we had to take the shuttle back to McMurdo.

Their base is adorable. Not like McMurdo, which is essentially a combination of a mining town and a college town. No, no, Scott definitely isn’t like McMurdo. The snow is clean and white, bulldozers aren’t running 24/7, and all of their buildings are this adorable matching green color.

After we got back to McMurdo, we finished the night at Gallagher’s, which is one of the McMurdo bars. After all, we must celebrate our last night here! It is definitely a bizzare feeling to walk out of a dark, divey bar at 11pm and see the sun still shining happily above you.

Inside Gallagher's
Inside Gallagher’s. Whoa! An actual bar down here!


Just got the memo that we’re reporting to building 140 (the station post office) at 11:45 (in one hour!) to check-in for our flight to the South Pole! There’s a chance we might get pushed to tomorrow if the Aussies flying to Casey Station get out today, but there’s some bad weather at Casey whereas the Pole has unrestricted vis with maybe some ice crystals in the vicinity. Currently -26˚F there.
The next post may come from the South Pole!


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