Week Four at the Pole


Spending Thanksgiving away from family and friends was a struggle, but it was a total blast down here so that made up for it! Dinner was prepared by our amazing galley staff… For appetizers we had baked brie, shrimp cocktail, and some other meat dish I didn’t eat. For dinner we ate roast turkey, deep fried turkey, gravy, veggie stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, green bean casserole, croissants, and many many pies with homemade whipped cream. All the normal deliciousness! After dinner we were all in enormous food comas, so we collapsed on the couches in the B1 lounge to watch Elf, seeing as it is officially now the holiday season. And after watching Elf, we moseyed down to the gym for what essentially was a high school dance. Most people stood against the walls of the gym until they heard a song they liked, and only then would they make it to the dance floor. Others (myself included) didn’t mind that only four people were dancing in the middle of the room and just kept on going!

So cozy with the fireplace going…
My amazing Thanksgiving dinner!
My amazing Thanksgiving dinner!
Dancing time!
Dancing time!

R.I.P. Thomas Atkins — http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=133501

SPoT 1 is returning to McMurdo, SPoT 2 on its way!

The first South Pole Overland Traverse (or, SPoT) made it to us the day before Thanksgiving and left us early last week. These guys drive here all the way from McMurdo in tractors, over 1000 miles, dragging with them fuel to resupply the South Pole station. This year the SPoT teams are resupplying us with over 310,000 gallons of fuel.

A Weather System Moved in…

For the first time since I’ve been here we actually got some pretty crappy weather. Most of the week, when I looked outside, all I could see was white—no horizon, no cloud definition, not really near whiteout conditions but our visibility got down to half a mile at one point. Winds peaked at about 31mph. Snow grains were swept off of the ice surface and hurled at my face. It was lovely.

Bad vis
Can hardly see the South Pole Telescope, which is 1/2 mile away!

South Pole Nightlife!

Saturday night we had a moustache party in the “LUMP,” which is the non-smoking lounge out in “Summer Camp,” which is where people used to live in the summer before they made everyone stay inside the elevated station. The “SLUMP” is the smoking lounge out there. Anyway, to be granted entrance to this magnificent event you must have a moustache, real or fake. I made one out of pink, sparkly felt from the crafts room.

Advertisement for the party...
Advertisement for the party… #southpolenightlife

Unfortunately I have been slacking off in taking photos, so hopefully I’ll have much more to show in the upcoming weeks! For now, here’s me in a penguin hat.


2 thoughts on “Week Four at the Pole

  1. Maddy: It was a small gathering at Thanksgiving this year – your immediately family, me and papa, and your grandma Carmody – just seven of us. We had a nice time but we missed you. It should be a little bit bigger at Christmas Eve. Hope we can talk to you on the phone then. Enjoy your time there and keep dancing. Love gaga

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