South Pole Fitness: Running, Circuit Training, and Yoga!

I did something crazy the other day—I went running… outside!!! It was a gorgeous semi-cloudy Thursday –20˚F with a wind chill of –40˚. My friend Kimmy from the BICEP3 project went for a lovely jog across the skiway to the MAPO and DSL buildings, turned left past Ice Cube until we got to the SPICE core drilling camp. Then we turned around and came back. Total distance, I am told, was about 3.5 miles! Never thought I would ever be crazy enough to run outside here, but it was actually a blast and I’m looking forward to doing it more often. Plus, we have the “Race Around the World” and the “South Pole Marathon and 1/2 Marathon” coming up!

Running @ SP

Unfortunately I wore my Tough Mudder shoes, which don’t actually fit me anymore, so now I have annoying blisters. Powering through, I made it to circuit training on Friday only to find that the sprinting stations were very painful.
At circuit training, led by my good friends Sean and Jenn, the gym is set up with 12 stations, and we do each station for 1 minute and then rotate, completing the circuit 3 times. There are crunches, pushups, burpees, jump rope, kettle bells, squats… the list goes on! The best part—on Fridays I make the playlist that gets blasted for the whole 36 minutes. Here’s the playlist for this week!

I’ve had to get rid of a few Britneys and some J. Biebs for public approval...
I’ve had to get rid of a few Britneys and some J. Biebs for public approval… I think at one point it was a 1:3 ratio of Britney Spears to Other artists. I may have a problem.

The last activity I like to be involved in is yoga. We have classes led by the marvelous Lindsey on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, and Joe-ga on Thursday evenings (which I have been unintentionally sleeping through lately). The Sunday classes teach certain skills, and the past few weekends have focused on sun salutations, arm balances, forearm balances, and today was headstands. Often times the big gym is pretty cold, and during savasana you have to awkwardly listen to somebody grunting and moaning while weightlifting in the upstairs section. Overall, though, it is a great time and one of my favorite activities during the week.

I think I’m more in shape down here than I have ever been!


6 thoughts on “South Pole Fitness: Running, Circuit Training, and Yoga!

  1. Good for you jogging in such cold weather. When I took Papa out jogging in Pittsburgh one January day it was 8 degrees and he complained about the cold — we had to wear a scarf over our nose and ears. Well you topped him! Also don’t ask Papa for any suggestions about Circuit Training music — he might select some Irish tunes or some techno stuff.
    We miss you and look forward to seeing you in a couple of months.
    Love, gaga

    1. Actually she isn’t sneaky, she is indeed incredibly marvelous. You should give her a hug after yoga and let her know it’s from somebody further north.

    1. Great question! First off, I didn’t really work out every day down there. Secondly, I only ran on shower days (outside or treadmill). Lastly, on days where I did ‘light’ workouts (yoga, circuit training) I came pre-prepared with moist towelettes (cleansing baby wipes, essentially) and dry shampoo so that I didn’t have to take a “wet” shower.
      I mean it’s not like we’re a bunch of unbathed, uncivilized lunatics down there!

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