7 Things I Will Miss at South Pole

Well, my stuff is all packed up on a pallet for the next LC-130 back to McMurdo. I am scheduled to fly out today… yikes! I cannot believe how time has flown by, and although I’m incredibly excited to start adventuring in Middle-Earth New Zealand, it is surely a bittersweet goodbye to many things here at the South Pole. Here are just a few cherished memories and things I will definitely miss from my time here:

1. Punny Postings
IMG_5703 DSC_0108 IMG_5565

2. The Met office ‘therapy’ couch.


3. Jenn’s baking. Can’t wait to visit her bakery in Vermont!

4. Pranking people with Justin Beiber duct tape — who knew they made this stuff?



5. South Pole Yoga, led by Lindsey and Joe

Picture from Caroline :)
Picture from Caroline 🙂


6. Playing dress-up in the craft room, a Thursday evening “Ladies Wine Night” tradition.


7. Expired Food… no, I guess I won’t really miss that.

These Nutter Butters expired before I graduated from High School…. still good though! It’s too cold and dry for anything to go bad here.


And of course there is so much more that is going to be hard to leave. Overall, the experience was like being back in college again—everyone living in dorm rooms, eating in the galley/dining hall together, nonstop hanging out. I’ve made many wonderful friends here, and I’m sure without many of them this would have been a miserable experience.

So thank you to the 2014-2015 South Pole Summer Crew!

Station Picture

(This was also an excuse to post funny pictures that don’t fit anywhere else…)


4 thoughts on “7 Things I Will Miss at South Pole

  1. I miss climbing up on top of the station at 5 AM Sunday morning, taking pictures 360 degrees while almost nothing is moving. I’ll never stop missing the ice! Thanks for your blog! Enjoy NZ.

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