Throwback to South Pole

#TBT to just four months ago… I was in this desolate place surrounded by a bunch of lovely people!

harrelson pole

Photo taken by Bill Harrelson as he flew over us at the South Pole (…we had no clue he was even there…) on his mission to fly over both poles.


4 thoughts on “Throwback to South Pole

  1. I was surprised that no one at Pole saw him or knew about his flight…especially as he had applied to NSF and gotten a clearance…still he didn’t tell any of us. And although he was in touch with Mac Center…nowadays as you probably know, this contact may have been a remote from SPAWAR in Charleston SC. And although he described the date as 1 January…no idea what time zone he was using. I’m guessing either Chilean time or UTC. In any case, looking at the shadows in the photo, the overflight was at about 0600 SP time (UTC+13), so whatever day it was, most folks were asleep. But…he did take documentation, glad he shared it with us.

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