Springtime in Boston

Well if you’ve been wondering where I’ve wandered off to… I was in Boston! (Now I’ve moved to New York but that’s a story for next week.) I perfectly arrived after the snows melted away—now it is sunny and warm, all of the spring flowers have bloomed, and already it feels like summer! May/June is definitely the best time to visit Beantown—it’s hot and muggy in the middle of summer, and cold/icy/snowy in the winter. Autumn is okay too… if you are into the whole fall foliage thing like everyone else in the world, however I much prefer the colorful flowers of spring!

If you’re planning a trip to Boston, here are my suggested places to visit when you don’t want to be cooped up indoors anywhere.

BPL Courtyard

The Boston Public Library Courtyard
If it’s warm and sunny outside and you are looking for somewhere to have lunch, to hang out and talk, to get some work done, to rest your feet after shopping all up and down Newbury Street, the BPL’s courtyard is a wonderful, beautiful place. Also great for summer semester studying, they have biweekly concerts from June through August, and last month I saw a wedding here!

DSC01773 IMG_7304

The Common
Duh, this sight is on everyone’s list, but it’s definitely worth a stroll ‘round. Summer Sundays are great for wedding watching. Always perfect for picnics. I’m in love with the colorful tulips in bloom! (As you can tell from the photos.) I haven’t ridden the swan boats, but they look adorable.

Comm Ave

Comm Ave
The Commonwealth Avenue Mall—who has time to say all that?—is a great alternative when Newbury Street is overcrowded with stumbling sightseers, or if your wallet just can’t handle it anymore and you are avoiding the temptation to shop. (Me.) Great spot for dogs, children’s bake sales, romantic strolls, running/jogging, etc.


Charles River Esplanade
Perfect for a morning run before it gets too hot out, or an escape from the city streets for an afternoon stroll. Why don’t you take a picnic meal with you?


Harbor Cruise
Boston HarborFest is July 1st through 5th! Don’t miss the chance to take a sunset tall ship cruise to admire the Boston Bay. I’ve taken a lunchtime yacht cruise with my mom (it was a few years ago now), which I would highly recommend. On a hot summer day, being out on the water is exactly how you want to spend your time.


Catch a game at Fenway Paahhk
I have terrible luck and it rains three out of four times I go to a game at Fenway, but I still love a baseball game. Plus, Fenway Park is over 100 years old, and there’s the Green Monster—the gigantic left field wall. Be ready to sing along to “Sweet Caroline.”

Reenactment people at Quincy Market

Honorable Mentions and other things:

  • Back Bay Yoga: Try their Hip Hop Yoga class—it’s the bomb. Not an outdoors activity, but one for that day a thunderstorm rolls in.
  • Beautiful college campuses: Harvard, MIT, but especially Northeastern! I guess there’s BU and BC too, but who cares.
  • Everyone should walk the Freedom Trail at least once in their life.
  • The USS Constitution is undergoing restoration in a dry dock, but you can still visit ‘Old Ironsides’ in the Charlestown Navy Yard. Check out the museum too.
  • Escape the city and take the ferry out to the Boston Harbor Islands. Or totally skip Boston entirely and hit up Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket instead.

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