Morningside Heights: Walking Through History

Old school charm from the turn of the 20th century mingles amongst pockets of modernity in the neighborhood of Morningside Heights. The home of Columbia University (Where I am now a student!!! Yay!) runs deep with history from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and more, offering attractions far more interesting, and…dare I say…educational, than your typical midtown … Continue reading Morningside Heights: Walking Through History


Springtime in Boston

Well if you’ve been wondering where I’ve wandered off to… I was in Boston! (Now I've moved to New York but that's a story for next week.) I perfectly arrived after the snows melted away—now it is sunny and warm, all of the spring flowers have bloomed, and already it feels like summer! May/June is … Continue reading Springtime in Boston


A Tour of the South Pole Station!

Hey folks! Enjoy this video tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station that I made about a week before leaving "the ice." For some reason I decided to do it at 3 o'clock in the morning. I must have just come off a shift or something... But anyway its not super professional but it'll give you … Continue reading A Tour of the South Pole Station!

Packing Tips for New Zealand

My trip to Kiwiland was a challenge in many ways. It was my first solo trip, first time staying in hostels, and first time making my own itinerary (which was extremely exciting, for I love to plan things). Also a challenge because I forced myself to pack lightly! Now, after living out of a 36L … Continue reading Packing Tips for New Zealand

Throwback to South Pole

#TBT to just four months ago... I was in this desolate place surrounded by a bunch of lovely people! Photo taken by Bill Harrelson as he flew over us at the South Pole (...we had no clue he was even there...) on his mission to fly over both poles.